The Bitters Lab Club™

The Bitters Lab Club™

34.99 every 3 months

The Bitters Lab Club™ is a collection of beautifully curated boxes featuring limited edition Bitters Lab™ bitters delivered right to your door.

We've created a new line of exclusive flavors and The Bitters Lab Club™ will be your only chance to experience these flavors. Once the season passes, so will the bitters.

In these boxes, shipped out quarterly with each new season, you'll discover items that will help you create recipes designed to perfectly complement the season. Each box comes with a 2 oz bottle of limited edition bitters, available for only that season, 3 recipe cards as inspiration to help get you started using the bitters (a cocktail, a savory dish and a dessert), a bar tool to help you create one of the recipes, an ingredient (garnish, sugars or salt) and some form of swag or surprise item.

Each season will reveal a different flavor, you'll never know what is coming next! 


This is The Bitters Lab Club™. A subscription box service where you will receive a box of Bitters Lab™ bitters every 3 months - which will coincide with each season of the year (4 boxes per year). No flavors will be repeated, each box includes a one-time bitters flavor. No two boxes will be the same.