Rhubarb & Sea Salt, Seasonal

Rhubarb & Sea Salt, Seasonal


Locally sourced Rhubarb and savory Sea Salt, an intense yet incredibly complimentary pairing.

The rhubarb, sourced locally from Keep it Real Vegetables, imparts an earthy and overtly tart flavor which compliments the savory notes from the bold & flaky sea salt. We combined these with fresh lemon and a few carefully selected bitter roots & herbs. 

Pair with: tequila, vodka, rum, gin, beer, white & sparkling wine, tea and desserts

Made in very small, limited edition batches. This flavor is available seasonally until sold out.

Available in a 4 oz size bottle only. 

made from: alcohol (neutral grain spirit), filtered water, locally sourced rhubarb, flaky sea salt, herbs and spices.

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