1 oz gift pack

1 oz gift pack


This gift pack comes with our 3 original flavors in small 1oz sizes neatly packaged. Great for gift giving, or for trying all three flavors without the commitment of getting a large 4 ounce bottle.

Gift pack includes our three original flavors:

Aromatic: a deep complex flavor with wood notes and lovely hints of cinnamon, anise, citrus & clove. Perfect for classic cocktails like the Old Fashioned or Manhattan. 

Habanero Lime: Explosive amounts of habanero flavor with minimal heat.  Grassy and woody undertones compliment these bitters nicely. The heat is somewhat intense, but does not overpower the palate. Pairs with tequila based cocktails, Bloody Mary's, & Mexican style beers.

Charred Cedar + Currant: A potent woody flavor, reminiscent of barrel aged whiskey but with a subtle sweet and tart undertone of dark, black currants. 

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